As my international network grows I get more and more requests from abroad for my business / life flow mentoring.

I am happy to share my business insights with you online as well.

As my own business is going global, I lead the way, walk my talk, share my amazing network of global luminaries and bring you along. 



Who do I often work with? 


Are you serving, helping, shining for others? 

I help the most amazing Lightworkers find ways to bring your heartfelt products and project to the market and grow a solid business. We work with energies, the 4 elements and business strategies. 


Are you a writer?  

As a bestselling indie author I have a large crowd of writers in my client base. I help new writers publish their first books AND sell them.  I also help established authors self publish and go global. 




Are you challenged as a parent?

As my books for children spread all over the world, I often also help parents with parenting challenges. I am an expert in peaceful parenting, especially at bedtime.


It is all about your energy

 I am happy to coach and mentor you on your journey to go from dream to reality with your project or product idea. And when you are ready to scale it globally so that more people who need your services can find you, I will help you.

As all growth whether in parenting or as a solo business owner is related to our personal growth I work with you, your mindset, your body – mind – heart connection and your vibration, the four elements and energy.

You will soon see that when you lift your vibration you begin to attract new clients, new people, new ways of parentong and new potential into your life. I am happy to help you on this journey towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. 


If you hang around me long enough you will begin to believe in yourself, see your own AMAZING potential and attract more happiness. I will guide you to more light, love, and ease. It's a magical way of living full of joy.

Ready for your session? 

How do we meet?

I work out of Denmark (timezone Paris / CEST). We will meet on Zoom. I will send you a link. Please login 5-10 minutes before your session begins if you are new on  Zoom. You are welcome to record the session.

How do you book?

By clicking the link below you get access to my calendar and can book your session with me.  Go find a time that suits you and I will look forward to seeing you soon on Zoom.  Let’s get to work. I am happy to help you grow your dreams.

How do you pay?

After you have finished your booking you will be asked for payment. One hour mentoring is $ 150 US.  If you want to book a mentoring program with me for longer mentoring, please contact me om email

Happy clients

Gitte has been my mentor for several years. And what has happened in those years is nothing short of magical. Gitte has a special ability to lift you personally as well as professionally. And don’t worry if you don’t yet believe in yourself – Gitte has such a strong energy and so much confidence in you that you end up believing in yourself. Gitte finds potential you didn’t know you had, and when you think you can’t go any further … Gitte will show you the next steps. “

Maiken Gesche Nickel


Gitte is a strong powerhouse, very committed to her mission, and her work – to help you live your dreams – doing a difference in the world. Re-Connecting to your heart, and to nature. Holding my hand, when visitting my soul garden. It was a deep and heartfelt experience. Finding my voice, getting ready to step up and out into the world, sharing my mission. Gitte helped my getting my business plan ready, so when I am, it’s there. The group energy was loving, supportive and made my add to my tribe.

Ninet Sommer


Dear, Gitte. Thank you so much for fantastic mentoring and guidance !! It set in motion a whole storm of ideas and thoughts – and everything that I have studied and learned over many years falls into place like the pieces of a puzzle. It feels really magical – and I’ll spend a lot of time in the woods and by the flames to get it manifested and implemented. Thank you very much – and I am SO grateful to have found you.

Ellen Bucher-Johannessen

Family Counselor from Norway, Helt Enkelt Ellen

Do you prefer Real Life sessions? 

You are also very welcome to come to Denmark to work with me and also attend one of my special energy healing sessions. On special request I also travel abroad to mentor you in a unique setting. Send me an e-mail if you want to come to Denmark or want to fly me to a destination of your preference. 

More happy clients

Gitte is an amazing coach, mentor and a loving guide. I was blown away after my session with Gitte. Never have I felt as uplifted and high on life as after my session with Gitte – and usually it requires a lot to impress me. Even now – several weeks later – I still feel the bubbles of life in my body as I recall my session with Gitte. She is super good at getting into the problem and uses fine intuition as well as business strategies to navigate. I almost felt like she could see right through me and “push” me to got the feeling that anything is possible. I got the understanding that I myself am a huge resource with endless possibilities and can almost just pick off the shelves. It was a great feeling to go home with – and it still lives in me. Gitte has strengthened my confidence and my belief in an adventurous future. I definitely want more of Gitte’s mentoring.

Gaia Maria Dahl


I just finished a completely magical “Accelerate business course” organized by Gitte based on her workshop “From idea to reality”. It has been a journey that has made my dream come true. Gitte is a very unique mentor who has supported me, pushed me, challenged me and believed in me. The process has been so nice with both individual mentoring, group meeting with the accelerate group on Zoom, an indescribable energy healing session and constant cheering and hugging from the sidelines. Gitte shares her beautiful light and experience in such a wonderful way that I wish everyone who has an entrepreneurial dream would look for Gitte’s enchanting skills.

Lotte Cecilie Juel Pedersen


Thank you so much, Gitte. Every day in the mentorship has been worth it! The energywork and the elements. All your constructive inputs and your light shining extra bright, when our lights were a bit challenged, has been A gift for life, both personal and Professional.

Camilla Elise Hansen